On behalf of the faculty, staff, and administration, I wish all of our new students good luck and success in their studies.

At Carlton Prep Academy we provide our students comprehensive assistance and guidance to better prepare them for their future studies. Not only do we want our students to gain admission to Canada's top universities, but we also want them to be successful in their endeavours above and beyond school.

Carlton Prep Academy is an international private high school and learning centre. Our primary goal is to prepare our students for success in University. The majority of our students have completed quite a few high school credits in their home countries and now find themselves in many ways starting again. We not only strive to teach the subject matter and curriculum required by the Ministry of Education but also to help our students assimilate into what can be a very different educational culture.

I want to remind all of our students that ultimately their success is in their hands and they are responsible for their own future.

Thank you!

Ms. Guan